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►  We will courier you our Comprehensive Pro Kit Book
►  Premium Access to online learning: 
►  Get step by step personal guidance via 

►  Get free support to 

►  Get free access to Motivation.International

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Barai Overseas Export Import Consultation V/S Other Export Import Classes

Q. I have no knowledge or experience in the Export/Import business, what would be the best option for me; consultation or classes?

A. Most of Export Import Classes teach only theory; a consultation would be more practical than any class as our consultation support provides our clients with comprehensive knowledge of the industry.

Q. How we can get complete knowledge in your consultation support program? 

A. First, we provide you with a book called Export Import Pro Kit containing almost all the information you will need about the export import business along with original export import documentation. The book, along with our step by step consultation support via Whatsapp will then fashion you into a proficient exporter/importer ready for the industry.

Q. Who benefits the most from Barai Overseas Consultation?

A. Those desirous of learning more by asking questions via Whatsapp or email can gain the most from the Barai Overseas consultation. This consultation support reflects self-study where once a student puts in the personal work, we stay with them from start to finish, ensuring they remain on the right path. In short, you do the business and we provide the expertise 

Q. Why doesn’t Barai Overseas provide call support for start-up consultation?

A. Due to the volume of work and daily engagement of consultants, we are unable to facilitate calls. WhatsApp or e-mail would be more suitable for any queries, questions or concerns you may have regarding your start-up. If the matter is urgent, you may always contact us via WhatsApp or e-mail to set up a call.

Barai Overseas Consultation Support

Below are a list of the services we offer to start-up businesses interested in our personal consultation support program & our coaching classes

1. Registration formalities guidance for your Business

2. Garner a more in-depth understanding on all aspects of Custom Clearance & Freight Forwarding.

3. Optimum cost pricing and evaluation for your Product

4. Insight into Government Incentives from the Exim Business.

5. Personal Guidance when encountering fraudulent individuals in the Exim Business.

6. Comprehensive, step by step guidelines on how to set up your Exim Business.

7. LC advising & Practical Guidance on other Payment methods / Issues.

8. Guidance on Foreign Trade Policy, Rules & Regulations

9. Personal Guidance on Banking, Insurance, duties, Taxation & Rebate

10. Practical & Personal Guidance at each stage of your business’ development

11. Guidance on Shipping & Logistics

Get all your Queries Solved Step by Step Relating to Export Import Management with Global Marketing via Whatsapp or Email

Whatsapp : (+91) 8128111191
Email :

          ✔ Learning methods based on Case Studies often used by schools such as Harward and the Indian Institute of Management

          ✔ Receive a comprehensive Pro Kit Book

          ✔ Access to discussion boards and online articles

          ✔ Access to articles on product information

          ✔ Discussion Board featuring 
a Q&A answering questions with our personal experience with start-ups

          ✔ Ability to learn from the experience of a seasoned export import guru made available exclusively to start-ups

          ✔ No unnecessary port visits as this would be undertaken by CHA / Freight Forwarder / Logistic / Courier Companies 

          ✔ Access to all documents and practical educational material available for download on 

          ✔ Taught the art of creating the right USP to convince customers of why they should buy from you

          ✔ Will be equipped with the tools to navigate the industry so you are not cheated or taken advantage of by buyers with bad intentions

          ✔ Access to Kishan Barai Online via WhatsApp and E-mail for a step-by-step personalized guide on starting and operating your business

 Traditional Classes in India (Offline)
    Barai Overseas Consultation (Online)    
Explanation of theories one can easily find on YouTube/Google
Specialized explanation crafted with the use of Case studies
Additional enrolment needed to repeat
Audio / Video is available for download for repeated use when you need it
Insufficient support after course is completed
Consistent, committed support as you join the Barai Overseas Consultation
Only focuses on buyers database
Focuses on how to get a buyer to buy from you (along with database)
Group study
Detailed analysis of your case and a personally tailored solution provided

➳ Everything from A to Z, Step by Step guidance on 
Export Import from me telling you exactly what to do to move forward! I'll be your training wheels until you can ride alone!- Kishan Barai


1. Export Import Training
2. Export Import Consultancy
"Barai Overseas" is operated by Kishan Barai, providing consultancy guidance, documentation assistance and liaison services for the entire gamut of the Export - Import Business. He has acquired the experience of foreign trade as a Custom Clearance Officer (Outsourcing) from one of the biggest CHA groups of Gujarat, JBS. Barai Overseas was incorporated in 2013 to provide Export Import Consultation, later however, after garnering a substantial support base, BO has also started its own coaching & training institute in 2015. The book "Export Import Made Very Easy" by Kishan Barai has been most renowned worldwide. 

About Proprietor

Name: Kishan Barai
Previous Work Experience: JBS (Jaswant B Shah), 

Star Fright Forwarder, Star Trading Export House, Ahmedabad
Previous Work Description: CHA(Custom House Agent) Custom Broker, Management and Creation of Export Import Documentations relating to Sea and Air, Custom Clearance of Container/Cargo for Exports and Imports.

Achievement: WCO Certificate of Merit for Exim Consultation

Total Work Experience in the field of Impex trade: 9 Years & Still GROWINGGG....

Main Motto: To help people achieving financial independence via the field of International Biz

           • true guide for success in Exim world

If you study carefully the principles of international trade laid out for you here and apply them as you develop or refine your import export strategies, you will reduce your risk of failure, and increase your potential for success and profits. Whether you’re wanting to start a small home business, a big business, or alternatively, you want to improve your expertise for your current career or change your job and get into a more exciting career, jump Into the "Barai Overseas" EXIM WORLD - right now.

          • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

All students enjoy our Export Import Coaching & Consultation. We also focus on teaching theories in practical way which makes us the most unique in this industry. Our practicals include analysis & study from original Export Import documentations including paper work which proves to be an assets for the students.

          • reasonable fee structure

We offer good quality programs designed to induce skills required in the functioning of the foreign trade, in a reasonable fee structure.

          Fostering financial independence through international business, Barai Overseas teaches its clients how to become successful importers/exporters within the market. Offering both Import/Export Training and Import/Export Consultancy, we enable our clients to learn and make a living for themselves, as well as offer guidance, advice and expert consultancy on their import/export endeavours.

We offer an extensive range of consultation services on Business Registration Formalities, Customs, Taxation, Foreign Trade Policy, FEMA, Shipping, Banking, Insurance, International Marketing and more. We are the most renowned Import/Export Consultant Agency in India and wish to offer the opportunity of a lifetime to college candidates desirous of changing their lives. We wish to provide them with training in an effort to make them the most successful generation of importers/exporters to ever live in India.

We are confident that our professionally cultivated reputation of reliability, stellar services and dedication to client satisfaction will continue to foster successful business relationships while providing clients with the quality they’ve come to expect. When in need of quality training or expert shipping consultancy, we encourage you to remember Barai Overseas, for all your import/export consultancy needs.

Cordially Yours,

Kishan Barai (CEO)

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