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          Fostering financial independence through international business, Barai Overseas teaches its clients how to become successful importers/exporters within the market. Offering both Import/Export Training and Import/Export Consultancy, we enable our clients to learn and make a living for themselves, as well as offer guidance, advice, and expert consultancy on their import/export endeavors.

We offer an extensive range of consultation services on Business Registration Formalities, Customs, Taxation, Foreign Trade policies, FEMA, Shipping, Banking, Insurance, International Marketing, and more. We are the most renowned Import/Export Consultant Agency in India and wish to offer the opportunity of a lifetime to college candidates desirous of changing their lives. We wish to provide them with training in an effort to make them the most successful generation of importers/exporters to ever live in India.

We are confident that our professionally cultivated reputation of reliability, stellar services, and dedication to client satisfaction will continue to foster successful business relationships while providing clients with the quality they’ve come to expect. When in need of quality training or expert shipping consultancy, we encourage you to remember Barai Overseas, for all your import/export consultancy needs.

Barai Overseas would not be liable for any dispute arising in Investment or Trade. We are not Brokers, we don't charge any commission from anyone. So kindly go through with legal securities like Credit Insurance, Legal Agreement, and PDC Cheque from our Clients to safeguard your interest.

Cordially Yours,

Kishan Barai (CEO)


          ✔ Learning methods based on Case Studies often used by schools such as Harward and the Indian Institute of Management

          ✔ A comprehensive full content on Export-Import Business

          ✔ Access to Discussion Boards and Online Articles

          ✔ Access to articles on product information and BO Group Network for Suppliers / Buyers

          ✔ Discussion Board featuring 
a Q&A answering questions with our personal experience with start-ups

          ✔ Ability to learn from the experience of a seasoned export import guru made available exclusively to start-ups

          ✔ No unnecessary port visits as this would be undertaken by CHA / Freight Forwarder / Logistic / Courier Companies 

          ✔ Access to all documents and practical educational material available for download on the 

          ✔ Taught the art of creating the right USP to convince customers of why they should buy from you

          ✔ Will be equipped with the tools to navigate the industry so you are not cheated or taken advantage of by buyers with bad intentions

          ✔ Access to Kishan Barai Online via WhatsApp and E-mail for a step-by-step personalized guide on starting and operating your business

 Traditional Classes in India (Offline)
    Barai Overseas Consultation (Online)    
Explanation of theories one can easily find on YouTube/Google
Specialized explanation crafted with the use of Case studies
Additional enrolment needed to repeat
Audio / Video is available for download for repeated use when you need it
Insufficient support after course is completed
Consistent, committed support as you join the Barai Overseas Consultation
Only focuses on buyers database
Focuses on how to get a buyer to buy from you (along with database)
Group basic study
Detailed analysis of your case and a personally tailored solution provided